Apricot Yoni Series

From the Sanskrit, the Yoni is the symbol of the Cosmic Feminine. Venerated as the generative power of creation, the Mother Earth Goddess is revered world-wide in all ancient cultures. She is represented in cave paintings, rock art, and sculpture from before the dawn of History. Known by many names, the vulva is her symbol.
The apricot tree from which this series of Yonis is made grew in a back yard in Boulder. A living metaphor of the feminine, this fruit tree nourished generations of people. She grew and flourished, aged and endured, became gnarled, bent, and twisted, declined. Attacked by insects and termites, fungi and the weight of years, she succumbed at last.
Yet her wood lives, here inside these frames. From the main trunk of this beautiful tree, I was able to cut 24 sheets of veneer, bookmatching them to make twelve Yonis. I replaced only the dryrot and decay, where necessary, with other woods or epoxy, and stabilized the major cracks and splits. The beauty and color of the woods is their own, I use no stains or dyes. Each piece is unique, as individual as snowflakes and fingerprints.