Rock Art Series

These marquetry scenes are inspired by rock art panels, both petroglyphs and pictographs, found throughout North America. Something about rock art speaks to the primordial being in all of us. Across cultures and through the ages, people everywhere relate to their unspoken, often ethereal messages.

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The Hands are emerging from a crack in a rock near Velarde, New Mexico. In many cultures, the surface of the rock is a veil separating this world from the supernatural realm. Shamans pass through this false surface via cracks and seams, messages pass via spirit helpers, whole cultures emerge from the underworld into this one. Probably Anasazi, perhaps ca. 1000 AD.


  The Peterborough Venus is found north of Toronto, Ontario. She is emerging from a crack in the bedrock, through which a stream can be heard rushing underground. The edges of the crack are naturally stained red with mineral pigments, creating a true vulva of the earth, complete with menstrual blood. From the Northern Woodland culture, undateable.


The Harvest Scene is in Canyonlands National Park, Utah. Created by the long-vanished Barrier Canyon culture perhaps as much as 5000 years ago, it depicts the harvesting of wild grains by two women with a sickle and winnowing sticks, overseen by shamans or guardian spirits, accompanied by spirit helper animals.

The Shaman and the Buffalo exchange power on a cliff overlooking the Churchill River in Saskatchewan. Algonquian, undateable.